Tennessee Theater - Knoxville, Tennessee
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Welcome to Knoxville, Tennessee.  There is a little something for everyone here in Knoxville.  Guests of this fair city will find plenty of historical spots to check out as well as plenty of nightlife and entertainment.  It is obvious that one can find restaurants, bars and lounges, and other nightlife in most cities but the places you’ll find in Knoxville are surrounded by the rich history of the area as well as special attractions in the area like the Bijou Theater or even the famous Tennessee Theater.  There are quite a few historical sites to witness as well including the Three Rivers Rambler and the Knoxville Star.  Both are vehicles that have serviced the area for many generations and continue to wow visitors of the city.  The Three Rivers Rambler is an old steam powered railroad train that delivers the old time feel to a ride around town.  The Knoxville Star is an equally interesting river boat that runs the waters of the Tennessee River equipped with a big paddle wheel and everything!

Aside from the historical attractions which also include museums, galleries, and old, historical buildings there is the nightlife and entertainment. Guests of Knoxville will find everything from clubs and bars to a great show in one of the theaters. All sorts of acts come through Knoxville, but the Country is always the hottest ticket in town. There are also a number of arts and culture attractions that will bring in the naturally inquisitive. Knoxville does not have a shortage of dining options or hotels and rental cars. Take a look around and see what Knoxville is all about! There may even be a Knoxville hotel discount or a coupon for Knoxville car rentals floating around the site somewhere as well.

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